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Meet Tess.

Tess Prendergast is a wife, mother of two, and a proud Orangeville resident. She is a teacher, community builder and an official candidate for Orangeville Town Council in the 2022 Municipal Election. 


Building Community!

Tess lives in, works in and is raising her family in Orangeville -  she is invested in the future of this town.

"Orangeville is a fantastic place to live and raise a family. We are growing, and the next Town Council will be tasked with making key decisions on projects that will shape the future of Orangeville."   

- Tess Prendergast 

Tess will serve, help and support residents of Orangeville by prioritizing fiscal responsibility, strong municipal services, and the environment to enhance our quality of life. 

She knows that healthy environments, healthy communities and healthy families go hand in hand, and are worth fighting for.

Join Tess, help build our community.

Orangeville Rotary Ribfest 2022

Priorities, vision and values.


Resident - First Decision Making

  • Obtain input of residents when decision making to ensure high property taxes are spent responsibly prior to implementing decisions.

  • Advocate for minimal property tax increase.


Consideration for the Climate

  • Build a sustainable Orangeville for future generations.

  • Promote partnerships between community organizations and residents, while sourcing provincial and federal grants to finance environmental initiatives.


Quality Municipal Services

  • Provide municipal services that grow with and connect our community.

  • Ensure there is balanced municipal programming from seniors to young children, and everyone in between.


Out of the Cold Walk supporting the Orangeville Food Bank 

She Cares!

Tess is an active member of our Orangeville community. She volunteers with Scouts Canada as a leader and participates in numerous charity, conservation and community building events.

Tess listens and acts; she advocates on behalf of residents at regional planning committees, and helps organize community activism in support of the environment and social justice initiatives.

Working alongside council, you can count on Tess to speak up for and vote on behalf of the best interests of the residents of Orangeville,  you, and your family.

“I think Orangeville’s a phenomenal place to work, live and raise a family, but I think there’s always room for growth. I just want to maintain the level of service that we’re receiving now and continue to promote Orangeville as a livable, and workable town for all ages and stages of life.”

- Tess Prendergast, Orangeville Citizen  

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Get Involved!

Campaigns are 100% run on volunteer power; kind donations from friends and family along with support from amazing community members! 

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Lawn signs are a huge compliment-and are really important!

Click on the icon to order your own lawn sign.

Signs will be delivered after September 9th. Please include your name, number and address in the body of the email. 


Would you like to join our team? We are looking for people to knock on doors, hand out leaflets, make phone calls and put up signs. If you would like to help out please send an email to Tess.

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Campaigns run exclusively on donations. If you are in the position to do so, please consider contributing. 

To make a donation:

1. Send an Electronic Money Transfer (EMT) to


I would love to hear from you. Please reach out and contact me however you feel comfortable.

All the best,


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Contact Information

Phone : (519) 800 - 2135


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